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The Chocolate Cake

The Chocolate Cake


Always refined sugar-free and made with organic ingredients & lots of LOVE!



  •            Made with Almond Flour and Coconut.
  •          GLUTEN & GRAIN FREE.
  •            Contains eggs (optional).



  •            Made with Sprouted Spelt Flour (a non-hybridized ancient grain with less 

                 gluten than traditional wheat. Sprouting grains helps to enhance

                 mineral availability and decreases the gluten and phytic acid content.)

  •             Can also be requested GLUTEN-FREE.
  •             Does not contain any eggs, nuts or dairy.



  •             Grain-Free and Dairy-Free and Egg-Free!
  •             Contains nuts.



MAKE IT YOURS: Please provide any additional information in the field below regarding food intolerances, preferences or special occasion details. Or leave a note if you would prefer to be contacted via phone to learn more and discuss the options.



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