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Helping Families Reach Their Fullest Potential

Inspiring a shift of consciousness regarding our food and health systems by empowering parents and children to take responsibility for their own well being and the well being of our planet.   


Holistic Bakery

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SuperFood Bites

Image by Marissa Price

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The Smash Cake

Organic ~ Refined Sugar-Free ~ Wholesome.

Available for Local Delivery in the Bend, OR area.

Why introduce cane sugar and artificial ingredients to baby and hijack her taste buds at such a young age? Your little one can stick to the wholesome foods she's already been introduced to and eat her cake too!


Adaptogenic SuperFood Bites

Organic ~ Raw ~ Sprouted 

Cacao goodness with a nutrient dense mix of sprouted nuts & seeds and coconut. Longevity combines the adaptogens Reishi, Ashwagandha, Mucuna & Shilajit in optimal forms to offer a rejuvenating daily tonic for the nervous, immune and digestive systems.  

Kids in Vegetable Farm


Hi, I'm Candice,

Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Herbalist & Mother

Coming soon...

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